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Hello everyone, let's make a Beatani mod for Slay The Spire, this mod would be a completely new deck with unique mechanics, using existing fanart for the card artwork. Right now we are in the brainstorming stage, and you are invited to participate. There is a thread in the video games channel, and a spreadsheet to keep track of ideas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1awymNqkoV8z_qPKYNF3OQ98LsvyNBHwM1-uXjJ1jUnA/edit?usp=sharing


Interested. Can I get a QRD for how slayza works? How hard is it to mod new mechanics into the game?


You pick a character that starts with 10-12 cards, you progress and do fights, kinda like FTL if you've played that. Each turn you draw 5 cards and have 3 energy to spend, cards do shit like attack or block damage. After your turn ends, the remaining cards are put into the discard pile as well and you draw 5 cards again next turn. Along the way you'll unlock buffs and cards that can change what I just described (For example, drawing 7 cards instead of 5 a turn, getting 4 energy instead of 3, being able to keep a card between turns). Modding seems to have the ability to do very complex mechanics not present in the current game.


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you will need a lot of beas to make a deck

here are some of mine


I need to do my sts reps still

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This is a dedicated thread for discussion of the Who Is (You) Magazine. Please share any related questions, comments, concerns, feedback, submissions or whatever you like.

>Rough Timeline:

+1 Week: You announce your intent to submit content, as well as what you plan to submit, and how many pages
+5 Weeks: All primary content submissions are due
+9 Weeks: The content submissions are compiled and edited. Book preparation is completed and sent to printer.
+11 Weeks: I receive the printed book and send it to the bear.
+3 Months: Book is received by the bear.


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>Beatani Ending Song Sheet Music
Credits are not very readable and I don't think it should be so if intentional.
>Ultra Nu
Nothing to say
>Beatani Poster
I don't know if this one is in the table of contents. Should add a note that the posters are 1:1 scale. The cut out information isn't equally spaced
>Hobo Dad's Travel Blog
Nothing to say
>Thumbnail for Dummies
I don't think there's anything to gain by having white boxes in the template instead of the actual buttons and label. Could remove that part, move the descriptors to the left pointing down at the good thumbnail, and use the new space on the right to explain how the buttons cover up the thumbnail text.
>O Bea, Where Art Thou
Even with the text outline and shadow this is difficult to read. One normal solution is to have a transparent white box behind the text that washes the background out
Should've been titled the text at the bottom


Revised the PDF in the google drive for cut off of VN page


I received the Mixam copies today. Quality wise is similar but since the pages I used are different it feels a little bit different. I maybe prefer this copy, but it was also a few dollars more expensive. Also, you need to make an account and set up the book there yourself, since they don't offer link sharing.
The margins are fixed on this copy, so if you print through them you shouldn't have the spine issue from the Blurb version.


How bad is the spine issue really? Do you have an example pic before I go and order the physical copies?
Does only Mixam have all the fixes in it? I see that the mixim folder has a later edit date on the drive


File: 1641297688931.jpg (976.21 KB, 1908x1876, Margin.jpg)

Spine issue is really only a problem on like 3 pages but we fixed 7 of them. Picrelated is the worst.
Mixam file needed to be edited because it had the page cut off on the left side of one of the VN. That's why it has the edit date from a few days ago. Blurb version did not have this error.

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Hey dad, want data to calculate on? I got data, and a LOT of it. Access is old school cool kids use SQL.

Take a look at what we got:
* updates in realtime
* easy online query
* context near messages (coming soon)
* lightweight design

And we have a SQL dump (updated every 10 minutes)! Drop this baby in your favorite ETL package and collect it in your data warehouse - all in only a few clicks. Oh, think of the reports and dashboards you can make! I beleib in you dad.

Known limitations:
* Only the following are backfilled to the beginning of the server
* Zatsu
* MC General
* 3rd/Euro-3rd Alliance
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


RSS is live. Simply plug whatever query page you want into your feed reader!


File: 1629411870159.png (155.36 KB, 1618x1014, punchcard.png)

Punch card will help you predict the times a bear might be sighted.


threads working now


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> She wants a detailed profile of dads, including sleep schedule
I updated it a little bit to do sleep reps of any user.


File: 1640124641629.png (36.85 KB, 433x340, memberupdates.png)

The dump now contains logs of the user status changes. The service will be updated with a GUI later but this data is available right now using the dump.

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ITT we write a kind letter to our cute and funny bear!
One word per post. I start.

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Add tomorrow theme onegai

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(repost from the thread)

/yah/ sings Clover Club is ready, now I just want you to record your best "I love this fucking bear" (or any other short relevant vocalization) and send it to me at [spoiler]th1sc4ntb3r1ght@gmail.com[/spoiler]. The deadline is 48 hours from now, that's 20th of October, 1800 GMT. After that I'll gather whatever I receive, add it to the project, pack it up nice and send it to the bear within 24 hours.

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@ A* chama
9 line shenzhen laser tag solution


Flip flops too powerful… I kneel. Also connecting wires from the side of the chip. I lacked the critical information.


I had no idea what was happening but it seemed fun

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can someone give me the beatani 3d model fbx or obj file whaetever please thank you


Archive reps dadchama.. Or is the original download link broken?


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Post em
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Bea gave me the paddle…






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