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This is a dedicated thread for discussion of the Who Is (You) Magazine. Please share any related questions, comments, concerns, feedback, submissions or whatever you like.

>Rough Timeline:

+1 Week: You announce your intent to submit content, as well as what you plan to submit, and how many pages
+5 Weeks: All primary content submissions are due
+9 Weeks: The content submissions are compiled and edited. Book preparation is completed and sent to printer.
+11 Weeks: I receive the printed book and send it to the bear.
+3 Months: Book is received by the bear.


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File: 1633236468133.png (50.79 KB, 566x842, CrossReference.png)

>Formal Magazine Update
>Crossposted from >>10772253

If you are a participant, please read this in its entirety. It will be crossposted to the dedicated thread. As I prepare to hand off work to the editor, here is where we stand today. I have completed my spreadsheet reps. I am no longer using the public spreadsheet and it has been locked to prevent confusion. I have uploaded all received submissions to a Google Drive to share with Editor chama. As of this posting, I have replied to every email that has been sent to me. If you don't have a reply, let me know

>Cross Referencing Verification

Please check picrelated that your psudeonym matches my description of your content.
>What happens over the next month
Editor does his editing stuff. I support him, and let anons know if we need additional assistance. For example, I had the writedad request from last week, and I've asked someone else if he was interested in drawing a small doodle for another submitter. If editor needs additional assets, or support from any submitters after checking your page, one of us will be in touch.


>Release Target Goal

Beatani has it in her hands before Christmas. Once Beatani receives it, we will distribute the digital version. It's the goal, not a promise. There's a ton of work that still needs to be done. Editor and I are in agreement that we want to deliver a high quality product, so we will not sacrifice to meet an arbitrary deadline. Please understand that both of us are busy with full time jobs, and we are dedicating our free time to this. I will continue to provide regular updates as they are appropriate, but I am always around if you need me.

>Physical Copies For Others

More information to come later for those who want to obtain a physical copy. The goal here is to make this possible for everyone at the cost of printing+shipping. There would only be a small (maybe 2 day window) to purchase. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But, for dads who have submitted to the magazine, cannot afford it, and would really appreciate the physical copy, I will see if we can work with you to cover the costs.


>Submissions by the numbers

Of the 32 Submissions, 21 have been received as of this posting. An additional 5 should be received within the week. I am in contact with 2 anons who may not be able to complete. 4 anons have not been in contact at all >>10766395 . They are Egg, Investigator, Muscle, and Comic (or possibly Ultra Nu) anon. These last two groups are considered "at risk" and all extensions are being handled on a case-by-case basis.

>Length and Size of the magazine

The 21 submissions received take up 3.11gb of HDD space, uncompressed. These 21 submissions received fill 38 pages. The 5 extended submissions will take up an additional ~15 pages. The 6 submissions at risk will take up anywhere from an additional ~0-12 pages. This excludes any additional pages not directly related to anon submissions, such as table of contents, custom front and rear cover art, comments sections, etc.


>Magazine Credits Needed

The following Psudeonyms should let me know how to credit them in the magazine. Please send me an e-mail. It's my mistake for not mentioning it earlier. If you do not get back to me, I will be writing to you at the email you submitted from:

4 Koma, Artwork, Dr Anon, Haikyo Anon, Lazy Anon, Lewd Anon, Lily Anon, Lipovitan Anon, Literature Anon, Music Anon, Risuna Enjoyer Anon, Scarlet Anon, Thumbnail Anon, Timeline Anon, Writing Thread Anon, Zoo Anon

Additionally, all six "at risk" submitters need to let me know how to credit them, if they complete.



>Rear Comments/Doodles Section

Editor is putting together a template for people to submit a small blurb towards the back of the magazine. We should be able to publish within maybe two days or so. You should be able to put in text / small image / combination. Think along the lines of the birthday card project, I guess. Deadline for this will be around October 16.

>For Comic/Ultra Nu Anon, Dangerous Anon, Timeline Anon ("no"), & Beatani Lover only

I wrote you all emails. Specifically, to the anon who submitted me 4 pages of 4 komas (COMICS.rar), please write me an email confirming if you are Ultra Nu Anon (or let me know the correct psudeonym), and, like it says above, let me know how you want to be credited.


>Crosspost >>10790695

My thought is to have the credits at the very end, not on the table of contents, and just have everyone listed in alphabetical order, with their submission title or pg # in brackets besides their name. Order of appearance can work too actually.


>Physical Copies For Others
What kind of price range are we looking at here?


File: 1633683196473.jpg (53.17 KB, 390x305, Screenshot_20211008-174910….jpg)

>Magazine Update
>Japan Anon
Japan Anon is being removed from the magazine. I really tried my best to save this one, even offering to complete it for him personally. But he refused to even send me what he had worked on so far. Really I'm sorry about this; it's the first submission I will be removing from the magazine.
>Muscle, Investigator
This post is your last chance as well, I guess. I'm not going to wait for people who do not have an intent on completing. It's been a week, so I think it's fair. 2359 tonight JST to get back to me.
>Egg Anon
I've asked you to email me days ago and you haven't. Thanks for replying on the thread, but please let me know what you want to do. Granted, your situation is kind of shitty. I'll give you a few days to send this email and provide update. Or update in thread.
>comic Anon
>lazydangerous Anon
Wrote you an email. your submissions are fine, just please write me back when you can.
>comments template
I still owe this to you all. My apologies, please sit tight. It's coming


I believe shipping can be anywhere from $5 to $25 and the cost of the books would be around $15-$20 in USD. Please don't quote me on the book price, but I will share more information if it is received.


>Crossposted >>11276027

>Comment Templates


Please leave whatever message or doodle for Beatani that you like. Text or image will work. You will follow the guidelines on picrelated. I would like to receive these back no later than two weeks from now (Oct 25 - Oct 26), but the sooner the better. Please mail your submissions to WhoIsYouMagazine*Gmail and make sure you get an email reply from me to confirm receipt. Thank You!


magazine anon I sent you an email about edits


You should have a reply from me


File: 1634229769948.png (40.71 KB, 586x635, 1634229630900.png)

I had announced my plans to share this image one more time once I thought it was essentially finalized, so here it is. Right now I am looking at 62 pages of submissions. Plus whatever else we fit in such as comments, etc. We are looking at a really nice size magazine. I'm hyped! I'll crosspost this picture to the Clover.


>personal message that will be written on the rear pages of the book, sort of like an autograph section with little messages to the reader
Similar to the Birthday card? Any examples?
And does the whole width have to be used?


Egg Anon here
everything is fucked sadly, thank (You) based organizer anon for your hard work I wish I could contribute
well… next time for sure!

I've read in a thread that you are collecting shot msgs for Bea to be posted at the end of the magazine, I would like to join in if there still is time


I'd recommend to use the whole width but if you can't, I can work with the editor.
You still have time to submit a template for comments. The due date is Oct 26, 2359 JST.


Similar to the birthday card is pretty much correct. You can write whatever you want/ make a doodle/ etc. And you can sign it however you like, or not at all.


thanks I will do that


ok gonna start my comments reps now maybe


File: 1635270989811.png (5.55 KB, 164x488, comments.png)

>Comment Template Deadline
If you do not see your name on this list and/or have not received a reply from me, please contact me ASAP. Thank You to all who submitted.




>>12374555 Crosspost
>Submission Status
As of this message, all comments and page submissions are complete. If there is any additional volunteer work to be done, I will be sure to let everyone know.

>What was done in October

October was primarily for preliminary edits, quality checks, and organization. I can gladly say that as of a few days ago, we are in a great spot here. Every late entry and this kind of thing is now accounted for, etc. Additionally, there were a handful of articles that were edited for quality, we had empty spaces removed, we had dad art added to text only submissions, etc (picrelated small teaser).

>What's next

Well, to be honest, my work as organizer is mostly complete. I'm sure there will be some various tasks for me to take care of here and there (including some distribution work in December,) and I will be here to support the whole time, of course. However, I expect the editor dad to be taking up the majority of the reins over the next week or so. He expects to finish his editing work before November comes to an end. That gives us December to make sure we can have it printed and mailed to Bea to meet her deadline and make sure all the distribution goes smoothly.

As always, I'm around to answer any questions. And I'm fucking hyped!



There's really no easy way to say this, so let's get right to it. It's a bit of a long post and I hated typing it. Let me say in advance I do not want to cause any drama and I will continue to try to avoid troublesome topics as much as possible. But it is my responsibility to provide clarity and answer any questions as best as I can. I've been prepared for any type of contingency since the start, and this is just one of them.

Unfortunately, the editor cannot be relied on to complete the project within the timeframe. Honestly, at this point I'm not sure he can be relied on at all. There was a period of a few days when no work got done on the magazine. I really don't want to point fingers, we just have different priorities. My priority is to deliver to you the project that we agreed on in a reasonable amount of time. I've done everything I can to remedy this situation before it came to this, but at this point I think we need to cut our losses and move on.


>What actually changes is mostly in regards to physical printing for dads, but here is the full list


There are three amateur dads now doing the work that was supposed to go to the editor. I'm one of them. We've kind of already cut the original editor out of the picture. I don't really feel bad about this, since the only actual work he has put in has been for the blank template files that were provided to you. Later, I will have to disable his access to Google Drive on my account. The past month has been spent on editing of individual submissions, and the quality of the pages overall is very high. I think original editor could have probably delivered slightly more polish overall, but it should not be an issue. We are dedicated to bring you a high quality magazine, nothing in this regards changes.


>Cover page and rear page art

When the editor signed up to be the editor, he also asked to do the front and the rear cover art. He has not started working on anything, so we will replace him with Scarlet anon's artwork. Scarlet originally intended for the artwork to be a two page spread for the cover, but editor had already signed up. The original image does not have text on it, so it will need to be adapted with text overlay. We're working on it. It's very high quality and I have no concern here.


As I didn't intend to put my name down as organizer anyway in the first place, organizer and editors will be anonymous in print (I had previously said I expected editor to print his name).



This one is the big one to me honestly. Editor had offered to us essentially printing services. I cannot offer this to you. Printing a proof copy for Bea is no problem at all. Basically every site offers this option. To be clear and just to reiterate, Bea still gets her physical copy no matter what. That was the point of the project in the first place so of course it was researched in advance. At this point we are only talking about other anons in /yah/.

There is an alternate solution where I print 25 copies, get paid on PayPal, and mail them out manually. But, I see this as possibly causing more trouble than it's worth. I can't print less than 25 copies on top of proof copies (at least on all the sites I checked), and it would involve a certain level of trust with information. So, we would need both demand and trust. Additionally, the copies would not be cheap (~$20 + $5 domestic/$25 international shipping). I will need to gather feedback on this one, and possibly make a poll after gathering the feedback and giving you all time to think about this.

Printing physical copies for dads was not part of my original plan, since I just didn't think it would be worth it. It was part of the original editor's plan and was not brought up until after we had already kicked off. Not offering printing to anyone except Bea will make this easier on me and avoid potential issues, but I know it will make some people unhappy. Of course individual dads would be able to take the provided file and to get their own copy printed however they like. Please take the time to give any feedback or ask any questions that you may have, especially in relation to printing.



>Crossposted from >>13024304


This is a mini update to >>13024304 and I will crosspost it when completed. We are continuing along on schedule and will be completed by Nov 30th at the latest. To be honest, we are even trying to finish a few days early, and I think we will be able to. Every day counts during the holiday season after all.

I was asked recently about the poll regarding physical distribution for other dads. Let me remind everyone that this does not affect physical distribution for Beatani, nor does it affect digital distribution at all. Everyone will receive a pdf copy of the magazine for browsing (and printing themselves). I will also make sure raw assets are distributed (artworks, etc).

I'll repost this again one more time tomorrow, to pick up everyone that I can. Remember, the minimum copies (other than proof copies) from every single site I can find, is 25. With that in mind, the answer I'm most paying attention to is >Definite buy.

This poll is set up to allow multiple options, so make sure to click all that apply. If there are any questions, let me know.



>Crosspost >>13323908

>>13303057 (Cross-thread)

Last update on the printing for others. I tried to set up the poll as fairly as possible, and give everyone time to reply. In addition to not having the demand needed to fill an actual printing run of 25, just as many people have privacy considerations. It seems the thing that is of greatest importance to most people is Bea getting her copy, and being able to have their own digital copy. These are both not affected by the recent changes. I'm genuinely sorry to the people who wanted to get a physical copy from us. I certainly never intended for things to end up this way.

In the meantime, we will finish up the magazine and have it distributed as soon as possible. I hope you can all look forward to it! I'll post another update as we finish up.


File: 1638113301641.png (33.65 KB, 834x1002, bookconfirmation.png)

>Printing Confirmation Update
>to be crossposted to dedicated thread

As of this morning, we have placed orders with two separate services for the magazines. There were a few separate reasons that I am using two services. In the case of both services, they expect to deliver to me no later than December 8th. I would ideally have both versions in hand before sending to Bea. When I spoke to her on e-mail, she said it would be nice to have two copies anyway. We are in the home stretch now.

Please look forward to the remaining updates.
>Organizer Receives Physical Magazine
>Organizer Mails Zine to Japan
>Organizer Confirms Delivery of Zine in Japan/Bea Confirms Receipt
>Full Digital Distribution of PDF and Magazine Assets

Team made an interesting discovery yesterday, but it's hard to hint at without saying too much. We may be able to provide some good news to everyone in December. So, I hope you can look forward to that as well (or, that we can quietly let you down and hope that nobody notices!)

Lastly I'd just like to say one thing, if you'll humor me. Please direct any feelings you have of gratitude today towards the two dads who did the final lifting with editing. While I provided feedback throughout the entire process, the actual work done over the past three weeks was mostly by their dedicated hands. Literally 98% of it. I won't dwell on the negatives, but for a brief time it became a bit of an urgent situation. So lets be sure to show our sincere gratitude and appreciation to them for stepping up when it was truly needed. And let me say it myself as well in front of everyone else from me to you, thank you editor dads.




I might be interested in printing a batch of these mags and distributing them. Since you've already worked with the publisher and came up with proofs, can you give me the information and stuff?


>Magazine >>14144883 crossposted
The third magazine publisher emailed us to know that we had the same issue with the third copy of the magazine that we had with the second. That is, on about 7 or 8 pages, we got too close to the inner spine.
Editor dad put in the requested changes and they are putting the copies into production. There is a production delay on these copies, so they will take about ten days from today to be ready for shipment to me.
Assuming that the third set of copies looks better than the second, and it's fixed, I will also send the additional two copies to Bea. But, the magazine will still be distributed to all once bea receives the copies that are already on the way to her (the second copies). These magazines should literally be on the plane right now to Japan, since they departed three hours ago.
This will make sure that we can distribute the magazines to you as quickly as possible, while also giving Bea the best physical product we can deliver.


Magazine delivery is completed. Please wait for Beatani to pick up the magazine and schedule a stream. Thank you!


Its barely an update but I got a bit wordy


>Magazine Release Post 1 of 2

>This officially marks the end of the Who Is (You) 2021 Magazine Project

Well, this is it. It's been such a special experience for me. I hope you can all enjoy it. This project exists thanks to all of your dedication, creativity, and talent. There was so much time, effort, and love poured into this project. I couldn't be happier to have been a part of it, and I am so proud of what we came together to create.

>First, I have some personal thanks to say.

To the two dads who knew about my idea from well before the first post was ever made, thank you for your encouragement and support, as well as your advice. You pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and to do something that I would never do. You are still continuing to provide me with support and advice to this day. Thank You! To all of the content creators: the page submitters, comment senders, and dads who helped with various art and editing requests in October, thank you! A very special thanks go out to our two editors who took control over this project's editing requirements in early November. They really came through when we needed it the most and gave it their best efforts as anons new to magazine editing. Lastly, I must give a special mention to the person who was my inspiration for this entire project, the artist who drew the original Who Is (You) magazine artwork. He is also the same artist who gave us this amazing cover! Isn't it such a beautiful artwork?

Thank You! Every single one of you was a pleasure to work with.

Now that I've gotten my personal stuff out of the way…


>Google Drive for Assets and Magazine
I have set it to public read access. Please download and explore as you like, here:


The Google Drive is split into "Assets" and "Magazine" folders. The file you will initially want to grab is the PDF in the base Magazine folder. Please feel free to browse the rest at your leisure.

>Alternate Download (Digital Magazine PDF Only)



There is an article about the Ueno Zoo, which is a ten page article. In the Official digital and physical copies, you will notice that there are only two pages. To access the full article, there is a hyperlink in the PDF in the lower left corner of page 32. You can also download the assets related to these pages manually from the Assets folder, under "Zoo Anon." The 2 pages printed in the magazine is essentially a teaser of the full Ueno Zoo project. DO NOT FORGET ZOO ANON'S FULL ARTICLE!


>Project History: Timeline from August through December for archival purposes
Magazine idea is shared >>7589807 (Dead)
Magazine project kickoff >>8062559 (Dead)
Initial submission due date >>10772253 (Dead)
October cleanup update >>12374555 (Dead)
Editing is completed and physical magazines are ordered >>13737242 (Dead)
To anon who posted >>14043145 (Dead), you can finally get your answer
Magazines are delivered to Japan >>14568456 (Dead)
Official magazine releases and stream >>December 26, 2021, 2300 JST
Stream link [YouTube] Who Is (You) Magazine Review! Happy Christmas! (embed)


>Physical Printing
I'll say it right up front, the magazine is designed as a physical product, and I think it looks nicer in hand than on screen. The digital edition is essentially the same product, that much is true, of course. But, I think there is something special to be said for having the magazine in hand and being able to flip through it. IF you want to print a physical copy for yourself using one of the two publishers that I used, please read this carefully.
The two publishers are Blurb and Mixam. To date, we have only received the Blurb copies. I would rate the quality as very nice, but the Blurb edition will have some pages where text runs close to the inside spine (about 7 pages or so). It's readable, but you have to stretch it out a bit. These margins are supposed to be fixed in the Mixam edition. However, I'm not sure which will feel higher quality overall, and Blurb is more convienent to use. My advice is either to print with Blurb now, or to wait for my advice on Mixam (hopefully before January 10th). You should NOT print with Mixam until I have received the copies and can validate their quality, so if you want to go this route please wait. In summary, pros and cons:


Will print, ship, and deliver faster, and you do not need to do anything yourself other than checkout here (link below). I think there are coupon codes readily available for this site, so feel free to search for them on your own before buying. These are going to be identical to the two copies that Beatani just picked up from the PO Box. I think I read somewhere that this link eventually expires, so if I need to refresh it at any point, just give me a shout.



The margins should be fixed and it may be slightly higher quality (it is like $5 more expensive per copy). I will not be able to provide you a link to buy, similar to the Blurb list. You would need to make your own account on Mixam, upload the assets in the Mixam, and create a new project. There is a separate folder on the Google drive to use if you want to go this route. I used the following printing options in my Mixam project: Satin paper, satin cover paper, matte lamination cover, 80 lb. text paper, 100 lb. cover paper. These may or may not be the best options, and it's probably also a bit subjective. I'll post something about these copies when I receive them, in case anyone decides to wait.

>Financial Assistance

If there are people who have submitted full page articles, would really like to own the physical copy, AND cannot afford to purchase the magazine, please feel free to reach out to me directly by email. You MUST meet all of these criteria without exception. I'm not sure how many people this applies to, so we will work out the details and logistics case by case. This offer to pay is actually coming from another dad. Please, PLEASE, do not try to take advantage of this offer. For starters, we only have a set and modest budget for this. If you can afford it yourself, please leave this offer only for those who truly cannot. If this is something you are interested in, I'd appreciate the e-mail ASAP.


You can always get my attention on the thread if you need me. Additionally, for now, I'll continue to monitor the WhoIsYouMagazine*Gmail in case anyone has any questions, or wants to inquire about the financial assistance.

Final cross threads

That's all, folks!


baste thanks everyone thanks organizer chama


Design autism. Obviously too late for this, haven't watched the VOD, sorry it's just criticism and no compliments, not mentioning typos. I still love this project and everyone's efforts.


I understand it's the nature of the art used, but Bea should be centered on her torso, not her whole body and arms. Not including text previews of the contents like in the original Who is (you) magazine makes the cover feel more like an artbook than a magazine.
>Table of Contents
The quadcolor band should've been spaced more cleanly. See how Fizzy Air and Thumbnails for Dummies has both the yellow and blue band behind it? They should be behind just the blue band, with the edge of the blue band at the midpoint between that row and the row above.
>The Bear Necessities
The L in last month isn't indented like the rest of the occurrences in the page.
The AI in the bottom section is bottom aligned unlike the rest of the page which is center aligned.
>Wish You Were Here
Just maybe run the sharpie through one more time on the beatangerine to darken the lines. Could be done in photoshop as well.
>Slam Koma
Nothing to say for manga design
>Lipovitan D
Text needs to be broken up, reads like a script to be delivered via voice, not via text and graphics. Freshly squeezed tangerine juice should be reduced to be one line, maybe just fresh tangerine juice and then pushing the photo to the left a bit for more room. Ingredients should be either left justified, or aligned such that "mL" is in the position for every line.


>Killer merch
Very little room between the text sections. The black line seperating the top left and bottom left sections is round capped on one end and flat capped on the other. Not unreadable, but the lines are the bottom conflicts with the shadows of the paper a bit .
>Sex Corner
The tribute stain is amusing and renders the tiny scribblings moot.
>Bear Paws Comic
Is there a reason why the first 4koma doesn't have a title?
>Final Yab
I think a different front would've provided a stronger effect, like a type writer or light script.Also, reverse the ordering and having the image on top with>Game Review
The indenting of the text is also different on each page and it seems the first 2 pages have some content cut off at the left. Most evident on the second page where a few letters of each line is cut off.
>Remote Kid's Big Day Off
Given the collab nature of this project, I keep forgetting which comics are left to right, and which are read right to left.
>Papercraft with Beatani
Instruction grid should be aligned
>Beatani Stencil
Listed near the end of the magazine in the table of contents, nothing to say
>Fizzy Air
Nothing to say for manga design
>Bea Visits the Zoo
No comment
>Lunch of XP Hill
Similar to Final Yab, though in this case, could've benefitted from splitting the text into two columns, which is generally more readable, and then having Beatani stand tall between the columns.
>Fishing for Risunas
Nothing to say for manga design


>Beatang's Vacation
A little odd having the beach only occupy 1/5th of the page, generally it's on either end of the golden ratio
>My cute oshi can't be this bushi
Nothing to say for manga design
>The History of XP Hill
The blue box needs a bigger margin at the bottom. I think distinctions should be used between the event title, and description, for example just bolding the event title and making the description one font size smaller.
>The Chronicles of Beatani Lover
I think this would've benefitted greatly with some dates or visual cues for how long each part was. Also, it feels strange to see these in quotes and not as screencaps of the posts themselves. The comments of each post would also be better off in italics to highlight that it's the author's explanation of each quote.
>Vocabulary Lesson
Nothing to say for manga design
>Day in the Life of Risuna Chan
Photographs normally have white borders instead of black, unless these are framed which I doubt. Sticky notes and tape (For the back of the photographs) are also generally used on whiteboard instead of particleboards.
Nothing to say


>Beatani Ending Song Sheet Music
Credits are not very readable and I don't think it should be so if intentional.
>Ultra Nu
Nothing to say
>Beatani Poster
I don't know if this one is in the table of contents. Should add a note that the posters are 1:1 scale. The cut out information isn't equally spaced
>Hobo Dad's Travel Blog
Nothing to say
>Thumbnail for Dummies
I don't think there's anything to gain by having white boxes in the template instead of the actual buttons and label. Could remove that part, move the descriptors to the left pointing down at the good thumbnail, and use the new space on the right to explain how the buttons cover up the thumbnail text.
>O Bea, Where Art Thou
Even with the text outline and shadow this is difficult to read. One normal solution is to have a transparent white box behind the text that washes the background out
Should've been titled the text at the bottom


Revised the PDF in the google drive for cut off of VN page


I received the Mixam copies today. Quality wise is similar but since the pages I used are different it feels a little bit different. I maybe prefer this copy, but it was also a few dollars more expensive. Also, you need to make an account and set up the book there yourself, since they don't offer link sharing.
The margins are fixed on this copy, so if you print through them you shouldn't have the spine issue from the Blurb version.


How bad is the spine issue really? Do you have an example pic before I go and order the physical copies?
Does only Mixam have all the fixes in it? I see that the mixim folder has a later edit date on the drive


File: 1641297688931.jpg (976.21 KB, 1908x1876, Margin.jpg)

Spine issue is really only a problem on like 3 pages but we fixed 7 of them. Picrelated is the worst.
Mixam file needed to be edited because it had the page cut off on the left side of one of the VN. That's why it has the edit date from a few days ago. Blurb version did not have this error.

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