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This is a dedicated thread for discussion of the Who Is (You) Magazine. Please share any related questions, comments, concerns, feedback, submissions or whatever you like.

>Rough Timeline:

+1 Week: You announce your intent to submit content, as well as what you plan to submit, and how many pages
+5 Weeks: All primary content submissions are due
+9 Weeks: The content submissions are compiled and edited. Book preparation is completed and sent to printer.
+11 Weeks: I receive the printed book and send it to the bear.
+3 Months: Book is received by the bear.


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Busy week, but we are looking to get the next set of details ironed out this weekend. That would include things such as the due dates for submissions, answers to some style related questions, etc. Currently we are looking towards the end of September for submissions completion cutoff.


Zoo anon, we are still looking to find out more info about the 10 pages you originally requested in the spreadsheet. Please can you reply here or send me an email? Thank you


Zoo anon issue is sorted out, thanks for reaching out. Zoo anon will be doing 2 pages for his submission.
We are still looking to get out any relevant details necessary for submission completion by Sunday. If there are any questions in the meantime, please let me know.


>Who Is (You) Physical Magazine Phase 2 START
>Dedicated Thread
>Project Submissions Full List
>Project Template and Readme
>Submission Deadline
Thur, Sept 30 @ 23:59 JST
>Submission Dropbox/Questions/Contact
>If you want your submission to remain private until publication
Send the required information by to WhoIsYouMagazine*Gmail*Com
>If you want your submission to be visible immediately
Paste your catbox links into the spreadsheet when you are done. I made a new column (column "J") for catbox links.
>Text based submissions
Only two people are submitting text based submissions. Please submit plain text along with any formatting requests or leave an example of how you would like your submission to be formatted.
>Image based submissions
Please provide submission using the template file. Additionally, please include raw image and PNG files in case any layout modifications (or otherwise) are necessary.
>Combination based submission
Please provide submission using the template file. Additionally, please include raw image and PNG files in case any layout modifications (or otherwise) are necessary along with the plain text. For combination based submissions, please also include assets such as custom fonts or anything else used along with your submission.


>Submission Dropbox
I prefer to receive by e-mail unless you have some strong desire otherwise


>Should I submit publically or privately
I prefer submissions to be kept private until publication in order to keep up the "surprise" as much as possible, so I prefer the e-mail option. The spreadsheet option was provided as an alternative due to feedback received. In the end, it's up to you how much or how little you reveal pre-publication. Some people may even want feedback or assistance from others, which is totally fine of course.


>Front and back cover
The front and back cover will be a two page spread from the same dad.


Will you accept a word document.


Are you submitting a text only submission? A Word document is totally fine.
If you have any formatting requests please include it within the document or e-mail.
If you don't have any requests, you can trust the editor to do a good job, so you don't need to worry about it.


Word + Photos


Are you having difficulty converting with the template? Or do you want us to lay it out for you?


I just figured a word document would be easier to edit for whatever reason than a photoshop file of text boxes and pictures.


It may be easiest for you to prepare the file however you are comfortable, and to convert towards the end. I'm not the editor though so I can't speak to the technical side of jt. But, we will still take both (text document plus document in template form).


AAaAAaAAAA I haven't been doing my reps at all. Pain.


Ganbare, dad! I've received two submissions so far. Thank you both


Ganbare, dad! I've received two submissions so far. Keep it up


Exciting. Maybe unreasonable but it would be cool to see on the spreadsheets which submissions are done and we can watch them get finished.


I think we shouldn't see other anons finished works until the magazine is released. It's a better surprise that way.


I don't mean see the work itself, but just see the progress we have made and which ones are completed


Haikyo dude here, is 6 pages too much?




Sorry I closed the tab here by accident but I think we spoke on /yah/ and you're gonna send me an email.


Yah, just sent it


Crosspost >>10524724

>Magazine Assistance

If anyone has time over the next 5 days or so to help with a miscellaneous request, please shoot me an e-mail. Right now there is something I could use help with. For this specific request, strong English/writing background is required. Separately, I don't know how much other assistance will be needed, but if you want to help out during the next month, shoot me an e-mail with your availability and skillset (writefag, drawfag, etc). Or, I will just ask as the need for help comes up. I'd rather have too many volunteers than too few.


Someone is working on it now, thank you!


I just sent my page over email. Could you update the "Submission Received Y/N" column on the Google Sheet so I know you received it?


I sent mine just now. Letting you know here since I don't know if Google might filter my burner as spam.


just sent mine


A few emails got caught in spam and I just replied to them. If you don't have a reply from me, let me know. But I won't have time to do my spreadsheet reps until Friday/Saturday.


sent mine.


Haven't checked this thread since announcing intent and I don't have time to speedrun it but I'm gonna need a 54 hour extension buffer, though I should be done tomorrow.


OK, what is your submission orpseudonym? I will mark it down. So, October 2nd you will submit? send me an email if anything




Submitted. Everything is saved as PSD.




I have finished cross referencing the original list against my email box. The following pseudonyms have NOT sent me an email with a submission or request for extension. Please contact me ASAP.

Egg Anon
Investigator Anon
Muscle Anon
Ultra Nu Anon


I think I meant Comics anon instead of Ultra Nu Anon


File: 1633236468133.png (50.79 KB, 566x842, CrossReference.png)

>Formal Magazine Update
>Crossposted from >>10772253

If you are a participant, please read this in its entirety. It will be crossposted to the dedicated thread. As I prepare to hand off work to the editor, here is where we stand today. I have completed my spreadsheet reps. I am no longer using the public spreadsheet and it has been locked to prevent confusion. I have uploaded all received submissions to a Google Drive to share with Editor chama. As of this posting, I have replied to every email that has been sent to me. If you don't have a reply, let me know

>Cross Referencing Verification

Please check picrelated that your psudeonym matches my description of your content.
>What happens over the next month
Editor does his editing stuff. I support him, and let anons know if we need additional assistance. For example, I had the writedad request from last week, and I've asked someone else if he was interested in drawing a small doodle for another submitter. If editor needs additional assets, or support from any submitters after checking your page, one of us will be in touch.


>Release Target Goal

Beatani has it in her hands before Christmas. Once Beatani receives it, we will distribute the digital version. It's the goal, not a promise. There's a ton of work that still needs to be done. Editor and I are in agreement that we want to deliver a high quality product, so we will not sacrifice to meet an arbitrary deadline. Please understand that both of us are busy with full time jobs, and we are dedicating our free time to this. I will continue to provide regular updates as they are appropriate, but I am always around if you need me.

>Physical Copies For Others

More information to come later for those who want to obtain a physical copy. The goal here is to make this possible for everyone at the cost of printing+shipping. There would only be a small (maybe 2 day window) to purchase. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But, for dads who have submitted to the magazine, cannot afford it, and would really appreciate the physical copy, I will see if we can work with you to cover the costs.


>Submissions by the numbers

Of the 32 Submissions, 21 have been received as of this posting. An additional 5 should be received within the week. I am in contact with 2 anons who may not be able to complete. 4 anons have not been in contact at all >>10766395 . They are Egg, Investigator, Muscle, and Comic (or possibly Ultra Nu) anon. These last two groups are considered "at risk" and all extensions are being handled on a case-by-case basis.

>Length and Size of the magazine

The 21 submissions received take up 3.11gb of HDD space, uncompressed. These 21 submissions received fill 38 pages. The 5 extended submissions will take up an additional ~15 pages. The 6 submissions at risk will take up anywhere from an additional ~0-12 pages. This excludes any additional pages not directly related to anon submissions, such as table of contents, custom front and rear cover art, comments sections, etc.


>Magazine Credits Needed

The following Psudeonyms should let me know how to credit them in the magazine. Please send me an e-mail. It's my mistake for not mentioning it earlier. If you do not get back to me, I will be writing to you at the email you submitted from:

4 Koma, Artwork, Dr Anon, Haikyo Anon, Lazy Anon, Lewd Anon, Lily Anon, Lipovitan Anon, Literature Anon, Music Anon, Risuna Enjoyer Anon, Scarlet Anon, Thumbnail Anon, Timeline Anon, Writing Thread Anon, Zoo Anon

Additionally, all six "at risk" submitters need to let me know how to credit them, if they complete.



>Rear Comments/Doodles Section

Editor is putting together a template for people to submit a small blurb towards the back of the magazine. We should be able to publish within maybe two days or so. You should be able to put in text / small image / combination. Think along the lines of the birthday card project, I guess. Deadline for this will be around October 16.

>For Comic/Ultra Nu Anon, Dangerous Anon, Timeline Anon ("no"), & Beatani Lover only

I wrote you all emails. Specifically, to the anon who submitted me 4 pages of 4 komas (COMICS.rar), please write me an email confirming if you are Ultra Nu Anon (or let me know the correct psudeonym), and, like it says above, let me know how you want to be credited.


>Crosspost >>10790695

My thought is to have the credits at the very end, not on the table of contents, and just have everyone listed in alphabetical order, with their submission title or pg # in brackets besides their name. Order of appearance can work too actually.


>Physical Copies For Others
What kind of price range are we looking at here?


File: 1633683196473.jpg (53.17 KB, 390x305, Screenshot_20211008-174910….jpg)

>Magazine Update
>Japan Anon
Japan Anon is being removed from the magazine. I really tried my best to save this one, even offering to complete it for him personally. But he refused to even send me what he had worked on so far. Really I'm sorry about this; it's the first submission I will be removing from the magazine.
>Muscle, Investigator
This post is your last chance as well, I guess. I'm not going to wait for people who do not have an intent on completing. It's been a week, so I think it's fair. 2359 tonight JST to get back to me.
>Egg Anon
I've asked you to email me days ago and you haven't. Thanks for replying on the thread, but please let me know what you want to do. Granted, your situation is kind of shitty. I'll give you a few days to send this email and provide update. Or update in thread.
>comic Anon
>lazydangerous Anon
Wrote you an email. your submissions are fine, just please write me back when you can.
>comments template
I still owe this to you all. My apologies, please sit tight. It's coming


I believe shipping can be anywhere from $5 to $25 and the cost of the books would be around $15-$20 in USD. Please don't quote me on the book price, but I will share more information if it is received.


>Crossposted >>11276027

>Comment Templates


Please leave whatever message or doodle for Beatani that you like. Text or image will work. You will follow the guidelines on picrelated. I would like to receive these back no later than two weeks from now (Oct 25 - Oct 26), but the sooner the better. Please mail your submissions to WhoIsYouMagazine*Gmail and make sure you get an email reply from me to confirm receipt. Thank You!


magazine anon I sent you an email about edits


You should have a reply from me


File: 1634229769948.png (40.71 KB, 586x635, 1634229630900.png)

I had announced my plans to share this image one more time once I thought it was essentially finalized, so here it is. Right now I am looking at 62 pages of submissions. Plus whatever else we fit in such as comments, etc. We are looking at a really nice size magazine. I'm hyped! I'll crosspost this picture to the Clover.


>personal message that will be written on the rear pages of the book, sort of like an autograph section with little messages to the reader
Similar to the Birthday card? Any examples?
And does the whole width have to be used?

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