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Hello everyone, let's make a Beatani mod for Slay The Spire, this mod would be a completely new deck with unique mechanics, using existing fanart for the card artwork. Right now we are in the brainstorming stage, and you are invited to participate. There is a thread in the video games channel, and a spreadsheet to keep track of ideas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1awymNqkoV8z_qPKYNF3OQ98LsvyNBHwM1-uXjJ1jUnA/edit?usp=sharing


Interested. Can I get a QRD for how slayza works? How hard is it to mod new mechanics into the game?


You pick a character that starts with 10-12 cards, you progress and do fights, kinda like FTL if you've played that. Each turn you draw 5 cards and have 3 energy to spend, cards do shit like attack or block damage. After your turn ends, the remaining cards are put into the discard pile as well and you draw 5 cards again next turn. Along the way you'll unlock buffs and cards that can change what I just described (For example, drawing 7 cards instead of 5 a turn, getting 4 energy instead of 3, being able to keep a card between turns). Modding seems to have the ability to do very complex mechanics not present in the current game.


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you will need a lot of beas to make a deck

here are some of mine


I need to do my sts reps still

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