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This is a dedicated thread for discussion of the Who Is (You) Magazine. Please share any related questions, comments, concerns, feedback, submissions or whatever you like.

>Rough Timeline:

+1 Week: You announce your intent to submit content, as well as what you plan to submit, and how many pages
+5 Weeks: All primary content submissions are due
+9 Weeks: The content submissions are compiled and edited. Book preparation is completed and sent to printer.
+11 Weeks: I receive the printed book and send it to the bear.
+3 Months: Book is received by the bear.


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I believe shipping can be anywhere from $5 to $25 and the cost of the books would be around $15-$20 in USD. Please don't quote me on the book price, but I will share more information if it is received.


>Crossposted >>11276027

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Please leave whatever message or doodle for Beatani that you like. Text or image will work. You will follow the guidelines on picrelated. I would like to receive these back no later than two weeks from now (Oct 25 - Oct 26), but the sooner the better. Please mail your submissions to WhoIsYouMagazine*Gmail and make sure you get an email reply from me to confirm receipt. Thank You!


magazine anon I sent you an email about edits


You should have a reply from me


File: 1634229769948.png (40.71 KB, 586x635, 1634229630900.png)

I had announced my plans to share this image one more time once I thought it was essentially finalized, so here it is. Right now I am looking at 62 pages of submissions. Plus whatever else we fit in such as comments, etc. We are looking at a really nice size magazine. I'm hyped! I'll crosspost this picture to the Clover.

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ITT we write a kind letter to our cute and funny bear!
One word per post. I start.

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Hey dad, want data to calculate on? I got data, and a LOT of it. Access is old school cool kids use SQL.

Take a look at what we got:
* updates in realtime
* easy online query
* context near messages (coming soon)
* lightweight design

And we have a SQL dump (updated every 10 minutes)! Drop this baby in your favorite ETL package and collect it in your data warehouse - all in only a few clicks. Oh, think of the reports and dashboards you can make! I beleib in you dad.

Known limitations:
* Only the following are backfilled to the beginning of the server
* Zatsu
* MC General
* 3rd/Euro-3rd Alliance
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RSS is live. Simply plug whatever query page you want into your feed reader!


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Punch card will help you predict the times a bear might be sighted.


threads working now

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@ A* chama
9 line shenzhen laser tag solution


Flip flops too powerful… I kneel. Also connecting wires from the side of the chip. I lacked the critical information.


I had no idea what was happening but it seemed fun

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can someone give me the beatani 3d model fbx or obj file whaetever please thank you


Archive reps dadchama.. Or is the original download link broken?


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Post em
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Bea gave me the paddle…






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4chan is dead and I'm the only retard who thought of this place.


I'm here too dad. You're not alone


File: 1624749219001.jpg (238.67 KB, 860x509, rusinaxrisuna.jpg)

Just thought of it, hi dads




4chan is dead again get in here dads

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Fix the pools, clover admin
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I updated it so it always shows instead of needing to be expanded.


What about the import button? I can see it on actual danbooru, but on here it's just missing


Meant gelbooru. Every single booru seems to be different in that regard, though most copy that same tutorial that mentions it


Do you mean batch import? Looks like that feature is only enabled for privileged users not regular ones. It doesn't work anyways though, but I might try to fiddle with it later.


Yeah, would be better than manually adding the tag or clicking the button for every post

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