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This is a dedicated thread for discussion of the Who Is (You) Magazine. Please share any related questions, comments, concerns, feedback, submissions or whatever you like.

>Rough Timeline:

+1 Week: You announce your intent to submit content, as well as what you plan to submit, and how many pages
+5 Weeks: All primary content submissions are due
+9 Weeks: The content submissions are compiled and edited. Book preparation is completed and sent to printer.
+11 Weeks: I receive the printed book and send it to the bear.
+3 Months: Book is received by the bear.


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This is a mini update to >>13024304 and I will crosspost it when completed. We are continuing along on schedule and will be completed by Nov 30th at the latest. To be honest, we are even trying to finish a few days early, and I think we will be able to. Every day counts during the holiday season after all.

I was asked recently about the poll regarding physical distribution for other dads. Let me remind everyone that this does not affect physical distribution for Beatani, nor does it affect digital distribution at all. Everyone will receive a pdf copy of the magazine for browsing (and printing themselves). I will also make sure raw assets are distributed (artworks, etc).

I'll repost this again one more time tomorrow, to pick up everyone that I can. Remember, the minimum copies (other than proof copies) from every single site I can find, is 25. With that in mind, the answer I'm most paying attention to is >Definite buy.

This poll is set up to allow multiple options, so make sure to click all that apply. If there are any questions, let me know.



>Crosspost >>13323908

>>13303057 (Cross-thread)

Last update on the printing for others. I tried to set up the poll as fairly as possible, and give everyone time to reply. In addition to not having the demand needed to fill an actual printing run of 25, just as many people have privacy considerations. It seems the thing that is of greatest importance to most people is Bea getting her copy, and being able to have their own digital copy. These are both not affected by the recent changes. I'm genuinely sorry to the people who wanted to get a physical copy from us. I certainly never intended for things to end up this way.

In the meantime, we will finish up the magazine and have it distributed as soon as possible. I hope you can all look forward to it! I'll post another update as we finish up.


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>Printing Confirmation Update
>to be crossposted to dedicated thread

As of this morning, we have placed orders with two separate services for the magazines. There were a few separate reasons that I am using two services. In the case of both services, they expect to deliver to me no later than December 8th. I would ideally have both versions in hand before sending to Bea. When I spoke to her on e-mail, she said it would be nice to have two copies anyway. We are in the home stretch now.

Please look forward to the remaining updates.
>Organizer Receives Physical Magazine
>Organizer Mails Zine to Japan
>Organizer Confirms Delivery of Zine in Japan/Bea Confirms Receipt
>Full Digital Distribution of PDF and Magazine Assets

Team made an interesting discovery yesterday, but it's hard to hint at without saying too much. We may be able to provide some good news to everyone in December. So, I hope you can look forward to that as well (or, that we can quietly let you down and hope that nobody notices!)

Lastly I'd just like to say one thing, if you'll humor me. Please direct any feelings you have of gratitude today towards the two dads who did the final lifting with editing. While I provided feedback throughout the entire process, the actual work done over the past three weeks was mostly by their dedicated hands. Literally 98% of it. I won't dwell on the negatives, but for a brief time it became a bit of an urgent situation. So lets be sure to show our sincere gratitude and appreciation to them for stepping up when it was truly needed. And let me say it myself as well in front of everyone else from me to you, thank you editor dads.




I might be interested in printing a batch of these mags and distributing them. Since you've already worked with the publisher and came up with proofs, can you give me the information and stuff?

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Hello everyone, let's make a Beatani mod for Slay The Spire, this mod would be a completely new deck with unique mechanics, using existing fanart for the card artwork. Right now we are in the brainstorming stage, and you are invited to participate. There is a thread in the video games channel, and a spreadsheet to keep track of ideas: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1awymNqkoV8z_qPKYNF3OQ98LsvyNBHwM1-uXjJ1jUnA/edit?usp=sharing


Interested. Can I get a QRD for how slayza works? How hard is it to mod new mechanics into the game?


You pick a character that starts with 10-12 cards, you progress and do fights, kinda like FTL if you've played that. Each turn you draw 5 cards and have 3 energy to spend, cards do shit like attack or block damage. After your turn ends, the remaining cards are put into the discard pile as well and you draw 5 cards again next turn. Along the way you'll unlock buffs and cards that can change what I just described (For example, drawing 7 cards instead of 5 a turn, getting 4 energy instead of 3, being able to keep a card between turns). Modding seems to have the ability to do very complex mechanics not present in the current game.


File: 1637870277076.jpg (2.76 MB, 2000x5265, 24.jpg)

you will need a lot of beas to make a deck

here are some of mine

File: 1628262503155.jpg (328.11 KB, 1200x1200, 0ef85b25cbddda7cfd3a06aa21….jpg)


Hey dad, want data to calculate on? I got data, and a LOT of it. Access is old school cool kids use SQL.

Take a look at what we got:
* updates in realtime
* easy online query
* context near messages (coming soon)
* lightweight design

And we have a SQL dump (updated every 10 minutes)! Drop this baby in your favorite ETL package and collect it in your data warehouse - all in only a few clicks. Oh, think of the reports and dashboards you can make! I beleib in you dad.

Known limitations:
* Only the following are backfilled to the beginning of the server
* Zatsu
* MC General
* 3rd/Euro-3rd Alliance
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RSS is live. Simply plug whatever query page you want into your feed reader!


File: 1629411870159.png (155.36 KB, 1618x1014, punchcard.png)

Punch card will help you predict the times a bear might be sighted.


threads working now


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> She wants a detailed profile of dads, including sleep schedule
I updated it a little bit to do sleep reps of any user.

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ITT we write a kind letter to our cute and funny bear!
One word per post. I start.

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Add tomorrow theme onegai

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(repost from the thread)

/yah/ sings Clover Club is ready, now I just want you to record your best "I love this fucking bear" (or any other short relevant vocalization) and send it to me at [spoiler]th1sc4ntb3r1ght@gmail.com[/spoiler]. The deadline is 48 hours from now, that's 20th of October, 1800 GMT. After that I'll gather whatever I receive, add it to the project, pack it up nice and send it to the bear within 24 hours.

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@ A* chama
9 line shenzhen laser tag solution


Flip flops too powerful… I kneel. Also connecting wires from the side of the chip. I lacked the critical information.


I had no idea what was happening but it seemed fun

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can someone give me the beatani 3d model fbx or obj file whaetever please thank you


Archive reps dadchama.. Or is the original download link broken?


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Post em
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Bea gave me the paddle…






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