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Hey dad, want data to calculate on? I got data, and a LOT of it. Access is old school cool kids use SQL.

Take a look at what we got:
* updates in realtime
* easy online query
* context near messages (coming soon)
* lightweight design

And we have a SQL dump (updated every 10 minutes)! Drop this baby in your favorite ETL package and collect it in your data warehouse - all in only a few clicks. Oh, think of the reports and dashboards you can make! I beleib in you dad.

Known limitations:
* Only the following are backfilled to the beginning of the server
* Zatsu
* MC General
* 3rd/Euro-3rd Alliance
* Backfilled data has nicks populated even when there is none
* Some rows may be repeated in backfilled data
* Backfilled data's "data" column is a different format than the main format. Be aware of this if you want to access attachments.



RSS is live. Simply plug whatever query page you want into your feed reader!


File: 1629411870159.png (155.36 KB, 1618x1014, punchcard.png)

Punch card will help you predict the times a bear might be sighted.


threads working now


File: 1636133306722.png (196.09 KB, 1170x752, sleep.png)

> She wants a detailed profile of dads, including sleep schedule
I updated it a little bit to do sleep reps of any user.


File: 1640124641629.png (36.85 KB, 433x340, memberupdates.png)

The dump now contains logs of the user status changes. The service will be updated with a GUI later but this data is available right now using the dump.

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