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:3 :d @_@ aggie annoyed aroused asphyxiation barefoot basket bear_paws beatani blush cat censored chibi chihiro closed_mouth clover comic completely_nude crazy_eyes crying door drooling drowning evil_smile field fire food frown fruit full_body fuwatani genderswap glasses gun hair_over_one_eye hairclip half-closed_eyes hands_in_pockets hanged happy headband heart helmet holding holding_clover holding_gun holding_weapon kemono knees_up listener looking_at_viewer lying meme mikan military_uniform minecraft multiple_girls multiple_others noose nude on_floor on_side one_eye_covered open_mouth oppai padded_walls paw_print paws pee peeing potato_risuna red_headband remote_kid resistance risuna schizo shotgun sitting smile straitjacket strawberry suicide supermarket sweat toilet toilet_stall toilet_use twitter watering weapon xp_hill yakuza ♂