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._. :d aggie aircraft angry ant atama_no_warui_hito bags_under_eyes beach beatani blood bottle brush building burger car chihiro cleaning_brush crying cum_jar dakimakura destruction eating eira_woolcott evil_smile eyes_in_shadow fire flower food french_fries full_body fuwatani glowing glowing_eyes ground_vehicle helicopter hobodad holding holding_food holding_phone insect jar laser looking_at_phone looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side lying mecha meme military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_boys multiple_girls neta on_side open_mouth outside pee phone plate playground police police_car pool remote_kid risuna river rose sandbox sandwich screaming screen shark shaymin sheep smile soldier stake standing statue_of_liberty swing takanashi_kiara tank tearing_up tears tentacles tree under_covers upper_body vacuum_cleaner 頭の悪い人